Belele VMS and Gold prospect (E51/1907)

The Belele prospect covers gravity and magnetics features interpreted by Desert Metals to be an extension of the Mingah Range Greenstone Belt.  The prospect is completely covered by alluvium and colluvium.

The Mingah Range Greenstone Belt has previously been explored for gold and base metals and contains numerous historical gold showings, as well as a number of reported base metal gossans.

Stratigraphically, it passes upwards from komatiitic volcanics into high-magnesium basalts, which have been intruded by broad differentiated gabbroic sills, to felsic-intermediate volcanics and finally sediments comprising BIF, felsic epiclastics and quartzites.  The entire stratigraphy has been regionally metamorphosed to mid to upper greenschist facies.  The sequence has been folded into a broad south-plunging anticline, with E51/1907 containing the covered extension of the northeastern limb (WAMEX Report A078804, 2008).

Desert Metals considers the project prospective for shear zone hosted (orogenic) gold and volcanogenic hosted massive sulphide (VMS) base metal deposits.