Dingo Pass

Dingo Pass Ni-Cu-PGE and Gold prospects (E52/3665, E52/3650)

  • The Dingo Pass prospect is located in a highly metamorphosed part of the northern Narryer Terrane near the northern craton margin.
  • Mapping over the area indicates that it is dominated by Archean felsic granulite facies metamorphic rocks. Desert Metals interpreted the presence of mafic to ultramafic intrusive rocks based on the magnetic and spectral (ASTER/Landsat) data.
  • Follow-up fieldwork confirmed the presence of ultramafic intrusive rocks.
  • Additional mafic-ultramafic intrusions have been located on the Dingo Pass tenement
  • Prospective for gold based on a strong clay alteration signature in ASTER in the central part of the tenement. The strongest of the ASTER anomalies are oriented east–west and correlate with weakly magnetic units