Hooper Ni Cu Intrusive prospect (E51/1901)

Hooper covers an extension of the Jack Hills Greenstone Belt, defined
by gravity and magnetics. The project is largely covered by alluvium.
The Jack Hills Greenstone Belt is situated along the southeastern
margin of the Narryer Terrane and is surrounded by mostly early
Archean granitic gneisses. It consists of upper greenschist to
amphibolite facies BIF, chert, quartzite, pelitic schists, and mafic and
ultramafic rocks, all of which have been intruded by Neoarchean granitic
rocks (Spaggiari et al., 2007).
The east-northeast trending Cargarah Shear Zone links the Jack Hills
Greenstone Belt to the Hooper project and is inferred by Desert Metals
to potentially be a mantle tapping structure.
Past explorers drilled a coarse grained mafic intrusion while looking for
iron ore. Desert metals considers this intrusion to be prospective for
magmatic nickel-copper mineralisation and intends to complete an EM
survey, followed by drill testing of any conductors detected.