Irrida Hill Nickel

Irrida Hill and Irrida East prospects (E09/2302, E09/2351)

The Irrida Hill prospect has been interpreted as a potential nickel-copper intrusive target. This interpretation is based on a strong, discrete magnetic low associated with remanent magnetism at a structural intersection. Previous shallow drilling by Western Mining and later by Aurora Minerals to the north and south of Irrida returned anomalous nickel and copper hosted within ultramafic units (WAMEX reports A105819 and A8056).

  • Strong, discrete magnetic low at structural intersection
  • Remanent magnetised
  • Sub-cropping intrusion confirmed in field
  • Anomalous nickel and copper in UM from historical shallow drilling

Western Mining percussion drilling 1977 (exact location unknown)
GDE-9 surface to EOH (14m) average 2077 ppm Ni
GDE-10 surface to EOH (18m) average 2091 ppm Ni

Fine grained Ultramafics
BCT10RC003 58m-130m @ 1200ppm Ni
BCT10RC004 Cu up to 1120ppm

Desert Metals undertook a moving loop electromagnetic (MLEM) survey over the remanent magnetic feature at Irrida. The survey identified several anomalies on initial 400 m spaced lines and subsequent 200 m spaced infill lines. Such anomalies indicate the presence of conductive material which could be nickel sulphide mineralisation, barren (iron) sulphides, graphite bearing rock, or even hypersaline groundwater. Modelling of the data by Fathom Geophysics has identified several discrete, highly conductive elongate bodies striking north-south with semi vertical dips. The bodies have a vertical extent of several hundred metres and a strike length of greater than 1,200 m. The up-dip and up-plunge tip of this body commences at a depth of ~50 m below surface and deepens to the south. These anomalies stand out clearly from the background, and the observed response profiles fit very well with the theoretical responses, and have resulted in a number of drill targets which will be tested as soon as environmental and heritages clearances are obtained.

  • Strong discrete ground EM conductors [4 bodies] within intrusive body
  • 1.2km strike extent
  • Multiple drill ready targets

North-south section of modelled conductors looking west




Ground moving loop EM data: X [middle], Y [bottom], Z [top] components shown. Data from 3 of 9 east-west lines shown.